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Olga J.

I visited Phoenix for work and wanted to hike the Camelback mountain. I reached out to Jason at Climb Camelback and I am absolutely amazed with my experience. He is both friendly & caring and made sure I felt OK while I hiked the mountain. He provided extensive background on the city, plants, animals and mountain which enhanced my experience. Furthermore, he also provided water and tissues when I needed it. In addition, he also took amazing photos of me while I hiked and he was able to accommodate the time that I was able to hike based on my work schedule. I am certain that my hiking experience would not have been the same if I would have done this alone. I highly recommend using Climb Camelback for your Camelback hiking experience!!

Nancy G.

Amazing guide! Absolutely had the best experience and made it to the top with Jason's guidance and encouragement. Don't hesitate to book with him!  On my next trip to Phoenix I will be booking another hike with him.

Al T.

This (Echo) is a extremely challenging hike!  Start no later than 7 AM if possible and if doing in summer months. I cannot stress enough how much water you consume. Take at least four bottles per person at a minimum.  Water becomes liquid gold to ur dry dusty mouth I wear my weight lifting gloves and they come in quite handy.  My husband and I consider ourselves pretty fit and this mountain kicks our butt. Because it utilizes muscles you normally don't use.  I've read a lot about people being rude on these reviews during ur climb  and I'm sorry it's not true!  The reason why the locals are so good is because it's in there backyard and they hike it constantly.  Props to them. They run it for more of a challenge.  It's just an unspoken rule to move to the side if someone is behind u running it and I always move more to the side when ppl are ascending and I'm descending as I know your struggling more breathing on the climb up. Everyone helps everyone.. You constantly here people calling out "hey you got enough water" and asking people if there ok if they seem to be struggling.  Chivalry is alive on the mountain!  Happy Hiking/Mountain Climbing!

Andrea T.

Jason with Climb Camelback is absolutely outstanding!!!  He took me up the Echo Canyon Trail in October and the Cholla trail in November, I would NOT have made it to the top either time without him, his encouragement, and his guidance.  The Cholla trail starts out as a hike then turns into a climb.  The trail is not exactly marked so having Jason there with me to guide me up the mountain was priceless.  He made sure I stayed safe, drank enough water, had fun along the way and enjoyed the climb.  The views are breathtaking and worth the challenge to get to the top!!!!

Denise B

My husband and I recently hiked the Cholla Trail with Jason. We had a fantastic experience!  Like the others - not sure we would have made it without his knowledge and encouragement.  We did the sunrise hike - it was very pleasant. Highly (pun intended!) recommend hiking with Climb Camelback!

Chris W.

Such an amazing view from the top. You can see the entire valley which is a much needed reward. The hike itself is no joke. You need plenty of water even in the winter time. The cholla side isn't as technical as the echo side, but your heart rate will definitely be pushed! Definetly as must do if your into hiking

Jean Y.

What a great hike! Everything everyone else said is 100% true. Jason makes it work and I would not have been able to get to the top without him. its great to not have any worries because you immediately know you are in good hands with Jason. it is a great workout and a fantastic view. I was impressed with how friendly everyone was and the Christmas tree at the top was adorable. Jason used his water for the tree! sweet!

Al F.

We just got done with this hike/climb/scramble with Jason.  This was thrilling and exhilarating hike!!!  Jason was very patient with us as we are a bit older/slower than we used to be. The view from the top is worth the climb!  It's really nice that Jason brings and hauls all the water up the mountain. He is obviously an excellent guide and points out interesting things about the views/plants along the way. Thank you for the great guiding Jason. On our own we would have never made it to the top!!!

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